The Wood River Wolf Project is a collaborative of conservation organizations, ranching operations, and county, state and federal agencies working together to use proactive, nonlethal deterrents to minimize livestock and wolf conflicts. Since 2008, the Wood River Wolf Project has been helping Blaine County ranchers implement nonlethal strategies to successfully reduce livestock losses and protect native wildlife.

From now until May 5th, the Wood River Wolf Project is accepting donations on our Lava Lake Institute for Science & Conservation Idaho Gives page. Donations from our supporters are extremely important, especially since the 2016 field season is about to begin! Your donations will directly support us by helping to purchase equipment and guard dogs, and train herding staff and volunteers to protect sheep from wolves, and to help protect wolves from the need for lethal control. 



We are in year 8 of our program to demonstrate to the state of Idaho that ranchers can coexist with wolves. The Wood River Wolf Project's Protected Area covers 282,600 acres of some of the densest domestic sheep grazing on national forests with a couple resident wolf packs. More ยป

Phantom Hill pack in 2012

Phantom Hill pack in 2012

How Can You Help?

The WRWP is now sponsored by the Lava Lake Institute for Science & Conservation. We are always looking for help from people who support wolf and livestock coexistence. Check out our Volunteer page to see how you can get involved. Donations are important and always welcome. For more information on how to get involved, feel free to Contact us!