IDFG Releases 2015 Wolf Monitoring Progress Report

Photo taken by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Photo taken by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game

In April 2016 the Idaho Department of Fish and Game released their "2015 Idaho Wolf Monitoring Progress Report." According to the Report Idaho's wolf populations have remained essentially the same at 786 wolves- one more wolf than 2014. 

Some notable statistics from the report:

  • Biologists documented 108 packs within Idaho, as well as 20 border packs counted by Montana, Wyoming, and Washington that had established territories overlapping the Idaho boundary.
  • Mean pack size was 6.4 wolves
  • Reproduction (production of at least 1 pup) was documented in 69 packs.
  • Moralities of 358 wolves were documented in Idaho in 2015 (essentially the same as 2014, which was 360)
    • Human-caused mortality accounted for 352 of 354 (99%) wolf mortalities, where cause of death could be determined
  • 256 wolves were harvested legally by hunters and trappers (same as 2014)
  • 75 wolves were killed by Wildlife Services for lethal control in Idaho
    • The remaining 21 of the 75 lethally controlled wolves were taken in a portion of northern Idaho to mitigate impacts of wolf predation on ungulate populations
    • 54 of the 75 were killed in response to livestock depredations, or were killed by livestock producers/landowners in defense of property
    • USDA APHIS Wildlife Services agents classified 35 cattle, 125 sheep, 3 dogs, and 1 horse as confirmed wolf depredations in 2015. Nine cattle and 9 sheep were classified as probably wolf depredations
  • 21 wolf mortalities were attributed to other human-caused sources 
    • 14 wolved were killed because of illegal take
    • 4 wolves were killed by vehicles
    • 3 wolves died from capture-related events

Click here for the full Idaho Department of Fish and Game Report